Welcome to New Wave Mining. We offer anonymous, safe, fast, quality mining pools.

It only takes minutes to get up and mining with us, select a coin from the menu at the top of the page and then configure you miner using the instructions provided on the pool page. No registration required.

Pool Fee: 0%

A Different Kind of Pool
We offer a hybrid model with our pools. Most pools are either the traditional type or a P2Pool. We offer both.

With traditional pools if there is not a lot of hashing power (connected miners) it can take days or even weeks for the pool to find a block, resulting in long waits to be paid out. P2Pools doesn’t have this limitation, even if just a few miners are connected payouts will still occur regularly due to the way P2Pool functions. P2Pool connects to ther P2Pools creating a larger pool.

We automatically switch our pools between tranditional mode and P2Pool depending on the amount of miners and hashing power connected to us. If the hashing power on one pool is low it will run in P2Pool mode, once power increases it will switch to traditional, all with no changes required on your end.

Other Information
We use a PPLNS payout system. A PPLNS pool also pays miners proportionally to the number of shares submitted when a block is found, but it doesn’t reset share counts after each block. Instead, it always keeps account of the last N shares, which is usually something like 10 times the current difficulty. This means that a single share will quite probably be used in reward calculations multiple times, but the payment for one share is lower on each occasion. This also means that pool hoppers can’t exploit the pool by mining there only when other user’s share counts are low, because they are never low.